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MasterNodeCap was founded in 2018 by computer experts passionate about blockchains.
We come from the field of subcontracting and hosting.
We know what the challenges of production are, what quality delivery means and, above all, that customer satisfaction is the priority.

We plunged into the world of "crypto", investing in promising blockchain-based projects.
But we lacked readable, responsive and easy-to-use services to monitor our masternodes.

This is where this site comes in.
We have developed these services, frontend and backend, to fill these gaps, and we continue to improve them every day.
I hope you enjoy using it as much as we are proud to have built it!


Co-founder / Developper
Arka []#2104
(Developper id : 396250036645658624)



Co-founder / Developper
tirzite []#6995
(Developper id : 387906681868124164)