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SwiftCash is an open-source, self-funded system of decentralized governance and economy, born out of a desire to create a digital store of value and a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency for daily transactional use along with cheat-proof lotteries that can be played by anyone in the blockchain without any custodian or third-party service getting involved, as well as on-chain HODL/Term deposits. SwiftCash uses the Proof-of-Stake algorithm to reach consensus and allows up to 10% of maximum inflation to be spent on proposals that are embraced by enough stakeholders. Another 10% of maximum inflation goes directly to stakeholders who help secure the network aka Miners and Masternodes, and the rest of maximum inflation which is 80% can go to HODL/Term deposits; coins that are time locked in the blockchain between 1-12 months.

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Crex24 Crex24 SWIFT/BTC N/A $ 0.00053 N/A
AltMarkets AltMarkets SWIFT/BTC N/A N/A N/A
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